Anonymous asked: Do you follow any blogs with good fashion advice? if so, what are they?

I don’t follow any blogs at this moment.

Anonymous asked: do you know where to get one of those breast cancer wrist bands? like a store not online?

zumiez and tilly’s.

Anonymous asked: Do you know any website that sells really cute handbags besides F21?

Tillys has some alright ones. Urban Outfitters too.

Anonymous asked: Where to find crewnecks ?

Everywhere honestly.

beerleey asked: you probably answered this SORRY! for a repeat, but where can i buy letterman jackets?

Nowadays they’re everywhere. Check F21 and H&M.

loveisloudest asked: thanks so much for putting one of my submissions up I actually got so happy :$

:) You’re welcome.

punityy asked: where do i get a mustache ring?

I’m unsure.

Anonymous asked: whats your polyvore? :)

The link is on the page :)

gigixpress-deactivated20111117 asked: love is an understatement concerning how i feel about ur bloggggg! <3 <3


Anonymous asked: whats your polyvore? I adore the sets you post<3 what stores does your closet most consist of? top 5 stores? :)

1. Forever21

2. Love Story

3. HollisterCo.

4. H&M

5. Abercrombie

closetfull asked: hey! uhm i just submitted two posts and forgot to add my tumblr url. so..what do i do? :\

Wait for it to be posted, when you see it. Give me the link of the post and your URL and I’ll put it up for you.

Anonymous asked: Those black vans. how much are they?

Usually $40.

raaachellmn asked: where can you get that we run it like a 13BOSS jacket? i want one.

I don’t think those are made. They’re just designed. Unless someone else knows otherwise.

malikway asked: What time do you usually post submitions?

Around night time. Pacific time.

thesefloodedlungs asked: I feel like i'm bothering alot...but may I ask why some of my submissions have not been posted yet? I mean I understand yu don't post all, but jw, what are you looking for in submissions now?

I accept them pretty fast but I have to manually post them. I’m usually not on until the night and for some reason the queue isn’t working properly.